My Accessories and Wedding Tidbits pt. 1

So I know a lot of people are looking to get ideas from other brides about accessories and Wedding tools. I have a few so far so I wanted to showcase them and give you my two cents. 

Let’s start with bridal accessories. I don’t have a garter as of yet, nor do I have my jewelry because I’m waiting until I have my dress to find out what works best. So far, I have two things down pat. My hair and shoes. 

For my hair, I’m doing a gold and faux diamond headpiece. I opted for this as opposed to something more simple because it’s very “wow” once it’s on. It’ll work well with my idea for my hair, a variant of the half up do that might as well just be considered down. I want my hair to be flowy and  textured with bombshell curls. Therefore, I won’t have most of the complexity that half up dos have and certainly none of the complexity of an updo. So the headdress is dimension. Will I change my mind? Not sure. We will see. 

As for shoes, I had a hard time with this. I wanted it to be comfy but stylish. I believe these shoes definitely encompass my obsession with applique lace. They’re ivory. They’re really pretty. I mean, it’s a good choice. There part of Vince Camuto’s evening collection, Imagine. I initially wanted a part of Manolos but clearly spending $1700 on shoes was a no no. Overall, I love my shoes. I got them over 4 months ago. 

Let’s move onto stationary. As of yet I’m missing table numbers and a seating plan but all of that will come in due time. I need to know how many people are attending, after all. 

My guest book is a Kate Spade and it’s honestly my favorite item. Let me break it down. As you see, it has a plain cover and typical lined pages for well wishes. It is a good size for a small wedding. Not a lot of pages. Maybe 6 or so of lined pages. Then it also has paged with tiny envelopes (inserts included) for little tidbits. And I love it! This was the selling point for me. I am loving the options and how small and easy to use it is. I didn’t want a guest or that would have unused pages and be bland.

For my ceremony, I got a quill style ballpoint. Loving the quill and I think I’ll be using it for the rest of my life. Don’t judge me. 

Last but not least is my address stamp. This made sending out invitations so much easier and it’s just so cute. I definitely recommend it. I already covered this on my invitation post. 

I’ll add more to this once I have more… Pt. 2 coming up. 


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