Our Planning Updates so Far

Above: Jon and I at our pre-wedding celebration and tasting. 

We’re few days from being two months away from the wedding.

And I have to say, I did a good job of getting a lot of the vendors out of the way early on. We went to our tasting the other evening at our reception hall, Renaissance by the Creek. They had an open house for people to come see the vendors that work closely with that hall such as their in-house DJ, decorators, and planners. But I already had all those things, so for us, it was just about the tasting. It was a buffet style event wherein we tasted appetizers and had a note sheet to write comments. Then, in the dining area, we had our choice of meats, soups, desserts, you name it. Suffice it to say, it was a nice event.

There were live presentations and dancers. It was a good way to see what they have to offer. We won our table’s centerpiece because of how long we have been engaged.  I guess that’s a silver lining. Slow and steady. 

I didn’t go with any of the in-house options for myself. Early on, I did my own thing. I didn’t want to be swayed by recommendations. I wanted to be sure of my decisions. I did speak to the decorator and found them short and too rigid. I didn’t want to spend as much as the dj world have been for such a small wedding. I had different reasons for it all I guess. 

So here is where Jon and I are in progress.

  • All our vendors have been picked
  • We are meeting with our officiant on the 15th to give her our license 
  • We have recently picked out our wedding favors 
  • My second fitting is on the 15th – hoping all goes well
  • Waiting for RSVPS. We have about 70 so far. I’m hoping for 90 max. I’m all about the intimacy. 
  • We’re looking into honeymoon destinations. 
  • Jon has his suit and all, needs to inquire about the vest he initially opted not to do (I’ll have Jon draft something up about his suit choice) 
  • Cake design to be finalized soon 
  • Waiting 
  • Waiting
  • Waiting 



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