Q&A About Us & Budget Weddings

So I’ve gotten a few questions from people about us and our wedding. Lets cut to the chase. 

I just met with my officiant today and that makes things pretty serious. Let’s get it all out. 

Q. How long have you been engaged? 

A. Jon and I have been engaged since April 19th 2015. Almost two years. We didn’t start planning until early 2016, but I had already started saving before that. 

Q. How long did you date before getting engaged? 

A. A year. We’ve known each other since 2011. But Jon isn’t one to mince words so it was clear he was interested in the long haul.

Q. How expensive is your wedding? 

A. Not as expensive as it could be. Overall, below 20k. That was a choice I made and it definitely could have been even cheaper. 

Q. How hard is it to put money away?

A. Not hard. Sort of annoying but you learn to buy yourself one less shirt or bag, or.. One less sushi date. Which is sad. But you learn. Give yourself a set amount. You’ll get it done, painlessly. 

Q. What are you doing for your honeymoon? 

A. Florence. It’s more than we both wanted to spend but it’ll  make memories to last a lifetime. I’d love to share with Jon the joy I got from being there. It changed me. 

Q. Where did you end up getting your dress? 

A. This is a question I got a lot and really does relate to the Kleinfelds fiasco. I ended up with a dress from Blu Ivory on St. Clair Ave W and Lansdowne. 

Q. What even happened with Kleinfelds? 

That is a separate entry altogether. 

Q. Where did Jon get his suit? 

A. Jon got his suit at Indochino and I’m willing to bet it looks phenomenal. 

Q. What do your parents think of your wedding? 

A. I am lucky in the sense that my parents don’t care what I do as long as I like it and it makes me happy. Jon seems to have the same for him. The wedding is our own invention. We are coming up with all concepts and work for it. So it’s our party. We will cry if we want to. 

Q. What was the most expensive part of planning? 

A. The venue. It never feels like you put enough money aside for it. It always has add on costs. That, and my decorator.  

Q. How many guests did you invite? 

A. Around 120.we didn’t want it to be too impersonal and big but we wanted all the important people there. 

More to be added at a later date! 


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