The Wedding is Over – How Did it Go? 

So as you may have guessed, the wedding passed. It’s all over. Two years of planning, stressing, crying, and penny pinching is over. 

So I feel like now, I can fully disclose how the day went. 

In a word, perfect. Every bride worries that their wedding will be a trainwreck. Especially when you plan your own wedding. Without a wedding planner. Picking your own vendors. Stressful stuff.  But, it was perfect. How? I have no idea. Basically nothing went wrong. So it was perfect. 

We started with hair and makeup. Asha, our stylist for the day, really worked hard to give us a quality beat to last all day. It did, even when the wind threatened to destroy our hair. 

Hair jewelry for maid of honour from Bittersweet, Woodbridge Bridal Shoe Shop for bride

We looked fantastic. I do 100% recommend Asha for her amazing work. She listens to what people want and didn’t once make me worry that I’d walk into my wedding looking like a hot mess. She did both my makeup and hair and also did it for my sister, the maid of honor. We had a trial in August and she blew my mind. She also knew how to roll with the punches… What a morning! 

My dress, a beautiful Eddy K, was a sample. As I’m sure many people close to me know, I initially had a dress I ordered from Kleinfeld’s. It was a Maggie Sottero, the Rosamund. However, shit went down and that’s a post for another day.

My actual wedding dress was from Blu Ivory on St. Clair West in Toronto. There’s a ton of bridal shops there but this one had a special feel to it. You feel comfortable and at ease. My Eddy K dress was perfection.  It was, in my opinion (the only one that matters), stunning,  and it fit me like a glove. Best impulse/rage purchase I’ve made. It was a gradient applique lace dress. 

Bouquet from S. A. S. Party, dress from Blu Ivory (Eddy K)
Note the baby photos over my parent’s bed.
Eddy K

Cheaper and more beautiful than the first, my dress was everything. 

My shoes were a compromise for me initially. Having wanted the Manolo, I settled for a beautiful applique stiletto from Vince Camuto’s “Imagine” line. Which, I came to realize, were a fantastic choice. By the wedding day, I no longer felt like I had settled. 

Vince Camuto, Imagine: Olivia
Vince Camuto, Imagine: Olivia

And none of it broke the bank, surprisingly. You usually hear of that bride who spent a day at the spa before her wedding, or the one who spent 10k on her dress, but that wasn’t me. It’s a common myth and it makes people want to overindulge.  I had a dress, hair jewelry, makeup, and a hairdo. That’s all I did for myself. I didn’t do anything super fancy for the wedding prep relating to me. I think I had one at home facial 2 days before. And by facial, I mean a face mask I bought at the drug mart. I didn’t wax, I shaved… Jon was none the wiser. So I guess I can say to brides on a budget, don’t sweat the details. Nobody. Notices. Anything. It’s all in your head. Just get the basics and it’ll all work out. 

The maid of honour

Family cheers: me, my sister, my brother, Michael (future brother in law), my mother, and my father

But something I spent more time being picky over was my aesthetic. I had a theme, a champagne gold and ivory theme. 

For the day of my wedding, I did not opt for home decorations. I prefer to have my home photographed as it is. But my decorator and florist, Sylvie, stunned me with her hard work. She’s the owner of S. A. S. Party Decorations Inc which is in Scarborough. She did my backdrop, centrepieces, ceremony decor, and my reception table. She also did the bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres. Definitely going to contact her for my next big event. Whatever that might be. 
My appointment with her was well before my wedding by a year and a half. I had read good reviews, and I needed to know more. She was kind and open to suggestions, working with my budget. I booked her immediately. No regrets! She really captured the sophisticated and classic look that I wanted the decor to be. The vibe was felt. 

S. A. S. Party
S. A. S. Party
S. A. S. Party. Note the table numbers, those were the standard ones given by the hall. Another expense I saved money on. Nobody notices, guys! And it didn’t kill my look.
S.A.S. Party
Flowers by Sylvie (S. A. S. Party), chair covers by Renaissance by the Creek

Alongside the decor, my cake really pulled it all together. 

Made by a childhood friend, Ashley, my cake was a great combo of sophistication and contemporary modernity. I love gold, I love glitter, so my cake had to have gold glitter. I have gotten so many compliments over my cake and it was delicious. Overall, a fantastic choice. Ashley really did an amazing job. 

My photographer, Giovanna, works with Piper Studios, whose office is in Vaughan. She really managed to capture our personalities in the photos. They don’t feel stuffy and unlike us. Instead, I feel like they were not only beautifully taken, they were genuine. 

And let’s not forget my venue. Renaissance by the Creek was accommodating, affordable, and flexible with us every step of the way. With how expensive weddings can be, we found a goldmine. Both quality and affordability? Seems impossible. But we got it in them. It helps thy we also booked 2 years in advance, so we definitely got a good price, as the same venue might have gone up in price a year later. This way, we were grandfathered at our amazingly low rate. So my tip is to book ahead. 

My DJ was my longtime friend, Adam. Adam had been there for a lot of life events, both good and bad – Even breakups! We’d spend hours talking on MSN (I know, right?), and now, 11 years later, both of us are married now. I’m glad he was there for my wedding. He’s an amazing friend and person, and he gave us a great night. 

All in all… I had a beautiful wedding. How I pulled it off, no idea. 

I wouldn’t have had it any other way. 


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